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4' x 10' Raised Garden Bed
4' x 12' Raised Garden Bed
4' x 8' Raised Garden Bed
All Purpose Flour - 2 LBS
Anaheim Peppers - 1/2 Pound
Astro Arugula
Aussie Heirloom Tomato Seedling
Bangles Blend Sweet Pepper
Basil - 1 Bunch
Black Beauty Eggplant Seedling
Black Vernissage Tomato Seedling
Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato Seedling
Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seedling
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seedling
Caraflex Cabbage Seedling
Carrots- Bunch
Cherry Tomatoes - 1/2 pound
Chocolate Pear Tomato Seedling
Chocolate Stripes Tomato Seedling
Cilantro Seedling
Citrus Goat Milk Soap - 1 Bar
Clemson Spineless 80 Okra
Cosmic Purple Carrot
County Fair Blend Zinnia
CSA Card
Dark Green Zucchini
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Dill Seedling
Dr. Earth® All Purpose Fertilizer - 4 lb Bag
Dr. Earth® Blood Meal - 2 lb Box
Dr. Earth® Bone Meal - 2.5 lb Box
Dr. Earth® Fruit Tree Fertilizer - 4 lb Box
Dr. Earth® Seaweed Concentrate - 1 Pint
Dried Pinto Beans - 1/2 Pounds
Early Jalapeno Chile Pepper Seedling
Eva Purple Ball Tomato Seedling
Fall Green Cabbage Seedling
Fall Red Cabbage Seedling
Farmer's Choice Basket! - Half Share
Farmyard Garden Gift Certificate
Farmyard's Custom Garden Soil Blend
Farmyard's Garden Guardian
Garlic Chives - 1 Bunch
Garlic Chives Seedling
Giant Purple Zinnia
Golden Zucchini Seedling
Gourmet Lettuce Mix
Green Globe Artichoke Seedling
Green Onion SETS (15) (baby onions for planting)
Green Tint Scallop Squash Seedling
Green Towers Romaine Lettuce
Green Zucchini Seedling
Guardsmark Chioggia Beet
Highlander Green Chile Pepper Seedling
Honey - 8 Ounces
Islander Sweet Pepper Seedling
Italian Parsley Seedling
Japanese Eggplant Seedling
Julia Child Beefsteak Tomato Seedling
Juliet Grape Tomato Seedling
King Crimson Sweet Pepper Seedling
Lacinato Kale Seedling
Listada di Gandia Eggplant Seedling
Mammoth Sunflower
Marketmore Cucumber
Marketmore Slicing Cucumber Seedling
Midori Giant Soybean
Moon & Stars Watermelon
Napoli Carrot
Nasturtium Mix
New England Pie Pumpkin
Onion Chives - 1 Bunch
Onion Chives Seedling
Optima Butterhead Lettuce
Orange Bell Sweet Pepper Seedling
Oregano - 1 Bunch
Oregano Seedling
Orion Fennel Seedling
Pickling Cucumber Seedling
Planting Plan
Provider Snap Bush Bean
Queen Creek Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ML
Rainbow Carrot Blend
Red Potatoes - 2 Pounds
Red Scarlet Zinnia
Roasted Root Vegetables with Green Onions - Serves 6
Romaine Lettuce Seedling
Rosemary - 1 Bunch
Safer® BioNEEM® Insecticide & Repellent - 16 oz. Concentrate
Safer® Brand Caterpillar Killer II With B.T. Concentrate 16oz
Safer® Garden Dust - 8 oz.
Safer® Insect Killing Soap - 16 oz. Concentrate
Sage - 1 Bunch
Sage Seedling
Sakura Cherry Tomato Seedling
San Marzano Tomato Seedling
Serrano Chile Pepper Seedling
Shade Cloth
Shade Cloth
Slicing Cucumbers - Each
Spaghetti Squash
Spearmint - 1 Bunch
Spring Onion - 1/2 Pound
Striped German Beefsteak Tomato Seedling
Stupice Tomato Seedling
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Summer Squash Mix - 2 Pounds
Sweet Basil Seedling
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Thyme - 1 Bunch
Thyme Seedling
Tomato Trellis System
Touchstone Gold Beet
Turnips - Bunch
Upright Rosemary Seedling
Valentine's Day Mix Radish
Vintage Wine Tomato Seedling
Waltham Butternut Squash
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato Seedling
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